Dec 9, 2011

are you the owner of your Domain Name?

Are you the owner of your Domain Name?

"What a question is this?", your grey matter may raise a question.

You may NOT in two different cases.

Over our experience, we found that, in many corporate/industries the Domain name would have been registered by some of the employees at some time.  At the time of registering one of the employee registers the domain name, under his name and the his email address would have been used as admin email for the domain.  Its quite nature that employees shift jobs and may leave the company.  When they do so, if they didn't transfer the admin rights of the domain name, then the company may loose the domain.

So how to avoid such a loss?. 

Keep the admin mail as of the company's one and which should be used actively.
How to find that under who's name the domain is registered, whose email id has been put as admin mail id of the domain?.  By looking into WHOIS look up of the domain, we can pull out those details.

If you find your domain name is not registered/managed by your corporate executives, you can reach us for assistance by mailing to the mail id : No Strings Attached.

In the second case, the domain registration service provider might be the owner or he may not allow you to manage your domain(i.e.., updating MX Records, A records, NS records etc..,) , completely at your wish, or if they charge you for such kind of updates, then for sure your domain is not owned by you.  

Every domain registrar should be provided with a domain control panel, where he can manage the domain's record as he wish at par with cyber rules.  If your domain registration service provider didn't provide a control panel or if you're not able to update the records by yourself, you can ask your rights, if you didn't get so, you can move/transfer the domain to other service provider who provides the control panel and  rights to manage your domain.

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