Dec 23, 2011

.COM/.NET Price hike!

Versign, the registry for .COM has signed up a revised contract with the ICANN to manage and maintain the domains, is going to raise the domain price by USD 1.35 which will come into effect from 15th January-2012.  Along with this the company has the authority to raise the price of the domain by 7% every year with a notice to the registrars by 6 months earlier to the new revised price.  A 10% raise to the .NET price also signed up by June of this year.

As its quiet known that the value of Indian Rupee falls down against the US dollar, the price of the domain which we get was on an upswing, Even though the margin we get is too low, we didn't raise the price of the domain.  But as the prices of the domain names will be revised soon as said above, we're having no more choices than to revise the prices of the .COM/.NET domains along with the registry.

So, we'd like to suggest you to register the .COM/.NET domains earlier to the price hike, and as the FREE Hosting with the .COM/.NET domains offer is going to end within 8 Days(30-12-2011), its your great chance to buy the same and enjoy the free hosting and lesser domain price.

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