Dec 20, 2011

setting mail forward from gmail/yahoo ids to!

Based on our experience with Small and Medium Size enterprises, most of the companies are using a free mail service email id (as gmail/yahoo/vsnl) before they either get a domain name or website for their concern.  But even though after getting their own domain name or website, they stuck up with their FREE email ids promoting the free email service providers, through their communications, brand materials(i.e., visiting cards, letterhead, envelope etc...,) than their corporate email ids.  This post is to put some light on using emails on your domain name along with how to migrate to your corporate mail id from the FREE email id you've been using for years, without missing a single mail.

Why do you need to use your mail id on your domain name?
  • It improves your brand identity and also your customers come to know that you've a website where they can able to get to know about your company and the related details you've put on your website.
  • You can have your own choice of email id, than the available mail id from a Free mail service provider.(recently we came across a company's mail id as
  • The email id and its security is always under your control.

How to do it?
  • Set a mail forward from your existing email id to the new corporate mail id.  So whenever your customer sends an email to this mail id, it'll get forwarded to your corporate mail id.
  • Once you've set the mail forward successfully, start replying to your customers mail from your corporate mail id, so that they'll get to know that you're started to use your corporate mail id and they'll also get to know about your websites availability.
Based on the email service provider, check for the "Settings" and choose "Forward/Mail Forward" and provide your corporate/new mail id and save.  Most of the service providers may ask you to confirm the new mail id by sending a link to confirm or by providing a confirmation code which has to be entered to the existing mail id, to confirm the new/corporate mail id.  Once you've confirmed the "Forward" mail id, all your mails coming to the old mail id, will get forwarded to your new mail id.  Just start replying from this mail id choosing the "From" mail id as your corporate mail id.  That's so simple isn't it, if you've any query feel free to reach us.

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