Dec 9, 2011

Twitter's redesign with Brand Pages and Embeddable Tweets!


After Jack Dorsey’s return to Twitter Inc’s, the creator to the micro-blogging service company, as an executive by this March, has announced this Thursday(08/12/2011) about a re-design of the service  with Brand Pages, as offered by its social rivals Facebook and Google+, along with Embeddable tweets and lot more..,

The revamp includes few key marketing implications as
  • Access to all interactions an user had with a company’s departments via icon-driven features.
  • Promoted Trend and Promoted Account units will appear on the page’s left hand side, instead of the right.
  • Ads running on Twitter’s mobile app, along with more robust mobile experience.

Embeddable Tweet:

Embeddable tweet is nothing but, message posted on Twitter can be embedded on other websites by copy-paste a line of code,  by clicking on “Embed This Tweet” link.  This will help visitors of the website to follow the account on twitter, retweet, reply or favorite a tweet without leaving the website.

The New Version

The redesigned site will be rolled out for the desktops over the next few weeks, whereas for the mobile users its appearing from last night through the url “” on iPhone and Android.

The major change is that the profile information and trends will appear on the left than the present where it was on the right hand side, and the tweets on the left side.

Apart from these changes,
  • Home section will show embedded photos, videos, conversations in tweets.
  • New connect section will help you to keep in track of who has followed you, mentioned you, favorite you or re-tweeted your tweets.
  • New profile section makes it easier for others to view your lists, followers etc..,

Bing, Coca-Cola, Nike, American Express, Dell are the few who will enjoy the new brand page, which is offered for 21 brands.

“Its not just a visual redesign but a conceptual redesign to make Twitter more accessible to the next billion users” said Satya Patel, a senior executive of the micro-blogging company.

The redesign will add a section to every user’s account called “Stories” that’ll show them the content on the site they may find interesting.  “It’s the first step to start to surface all the rich content that’s pouring into the platform for people who’re experiencing it for the first time” as said by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

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