Mar 9, 2012

Facebook Page Timeline

Everyone in online media is talking about the Facebook Timeline for the Pages. Even the timeline is going to be made officially by 30th March 2012, many of the brands have started to try the same now. The other day when we're in discussion on the same with our team, we've got lot of questions for which we're in need to put some time to find the answers for the same. So, how the Facebook Timeline is going to help you out?.

The main feature of this timeline is "Cover Image", which lets your brand to tell your fans Who are you? What are you doing? How are you doing it? but at the same time, Facebook got few catches for you. The cover image must be at least 399 pixels and it should not have the following stuffs.

  • Any kind of offers/promos.
  • Contact info as Website/eMail/mailing addresses
  • Calls to actions as ""Like" "Share" us now"

One of the main feature which is going to be removed is the custom landing tab. We can able to choose the tab on which our visitors land and show some content which intents the visitor to perform the desired action on the tab, i.e liking, sharing etc..,.

So, how to overcome this. Fans those who comes to our page by search will land up in the timeline, but those who come through the links, such us in our website, email footers, Ads can still be routed to the tab which we want them to be. We've to update the links now to the tab at which we want our visitors to land. Do it at the earliest.

The present version offers 520 pixels of canvas space, where we can play around, but the new timeline offers us a space of 810 pixels which is a better way for sure to the developers.

for more info on the timeline check out Facebook Timeline for pages

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