Apr 6, 2012

Remarketing & Branding

Few days back, we’d an introductory session of our services with a prospective client for online marketing, who’s a General Manager of a Wedding Card company. One of his questions is a great one for sure, which we’d like to share here along with our reply.

His prospective customers, might Google around to find the card companies available, and if he can able to position his brand using SEO/Paid ads, he’s sure he can get a nice amount of traffic to his site. But his concern is that, the prospective customer may not purchase his product, at the first visit of website, and the customer might be just gathering the info about the companies available, online. It may take few weeks sometimes few months to take a decision and to buy from him. So is there any possibility for nurturing those clients, by online marketing?
That’s a great question for sure, isn’t it? We’re really happy to see such customers for sure.

The answer for his question is, a GREAT YES.

ReMarketing is a great way for such prospective customers.

So, what’s ReMarketing?

ReMarketing is a method by which we can able to ReMarket our product/services by a custom/tailored ads for those customer, who has checked our website/page.

A Prospective Customer is who, came to our website in search of services/products we offer. He may buy the moment or it may take some more time to take the final call on the same. But we’re sure he’s either interested to buy our products or to know about it.

By ReMarketing available with Google Adword, we can able to tag the visitors of our
website/page, and send customized message, offers to those customers who’ve interacted with our website, when he browses online. This way we can able to promote our brand in a better way so that, our brand name can be easily recognized by the prospective customers, who’s already interacted with our website/page.

Want to know more on the same, leave your comment/query below or reach us for more info on ReMarketing.

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