Mar 28, 2013

How 3D Printer Works?

3D printing, a process of making three dimensional solid objects from digital designs has created a lot of interest across the tech space.

Chuck Hull invented and patented Stereolithography by 1980, when he founded 3D Systems, Inc. From then the advancement in the technology is a great one.  So how do 3D printers work?

At first we need to develop the 3D modelling using CAD or animation modeling software.

Once the model is created, you've to sen it to the 3 printer with the standard file extension as "STL".  STL files contain three dimensional polygons, that  are sliced up so the printer can easily use the information.

The 3D printer prints the model as layer on layer until the model is printed.  The material is sprayed, squeezed or transferred from the printer onto a platform.  Usually the layers are off 0.1 millimeters.As ink is used in normal printer, we can choose specific material by which the printing has to be done.  It could be rubber, paper, plastics, polyurethane-like materials, metals.

As of now the cost for the printer is much higher, which may be coming down over a time period so that everyone can have their own. Soon you could print your lunch out of a printer! :-)

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