Apr 15, 2013

What's in an eMail Name?

eMails are the one which made the world a much easier one to connect everyone across the globe.  Most of the individuals have got a free email accounts by Gmail/Yahoo or so as per they feel as comfortable with the service and the usability.

But, how about a company/brand owning a free email id, for their official communication in these days?  Because that’s the first impression you’re going to make when someone get to know your mail id when they want to communicate.  These days it doesn’t need a huge investment to have your own domain name and a mail id on your domain name (i.e.., contact@yourdomainname.co.in) .

If you want to be perceived as professional, you need to think about your entire brand.  The email address represents both you and your business.

Register your domain which could cost a maximum of Rs. 599/-* per annum with us, and you’d be getting couple of emails as FREE.  Otherwise you could choose the corporatemailing solution plans, which comes with better mail space.

If you’ve any query feel free to reach us at queries@hostit.co.in and we assure you that no strings attached!

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