Sep 4, 2013

How to not miss your Domain Renewal?

Companies and individuals register a domain exclusively for their use and help everyone to access their website using it. However registration is a recurring process. A registration lasts for a maximum of 10 years.

It is important for companies to keep track of the domain renewal period. Not monitoring this due date for expiry leads to multiple problems that may be harmful for business, as one can stand to lose the domain name to another company or person if it is not renewed in time. If it is a premium domain, it can also run a risk of being snapped up for its re-sale value.

The life cycle of the domains vary depending upon the registry. To know more on domain names and its life cycle, check our Knowledge-base. After the due date is passed, the domain gets an auto-renewal extension of some time. In case the customer doesn't renew it in this period, the domain goes in the grace period ranging between 36 and 40 days. The customer can renew the domain name by paying the domain renewal charges alone.

However, if the domain is not renewed in the auto-renewal period, it lapses into a “Pending Delete Restoration Stage”. In case the customer wants to renew the domain at this stage, he will have to pay domain renewal charges as well as a domain restoration charge, which can go up to 10 times the normal domain renewal charge. If the domain is still not renewed in this period, it lapses for the current user by being permanently deleted from the system and will be made available for others to purchase as a fresh one.

To avoid losing your existing domain, here are some useful tips: 
  1. Set a reminder: A quick check through a WHOIS query will let you know the domain renewal due date. You can set a self reminder for this date on your computer or mobile device
  2. Update your e-mail ID: Domain registrars usually send a reminder notification on the registered e-mail ID 60 days before the expiry date. Hence, it makes sense to provide your frequently used e-mail ID. If you wish to provide a new e-mail ID, please get the same updated with the domain registrar at the earliest. In case you have multiple domains, make sure to give a single e-mail ID for all accounts so that everything can be kept in one place and don’t miss the remainder mail.
  3. Book for multiple years: Just like a mobile recharge, renewing in the existing period will add the new period AFTER the existing period gets over. In effect, you do not lose out on days or months if you recharge before due date. So, it is better to renew the domain for multiple years, whenever you can do so.

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