Sep 10, 2013

Web Analytics for a well informed business building!

Internet has become a part of everyone’s life.  The unique advantage of internet is, it gives all the data/transactions black and white of your online content, so that you can decide upon the facts than the myths from the offline media and it lets you take a well informed decision on building your business through Web Analytics.   

Web Analytics is a tool which gathers all the possible data on the interactions happen over the online content such as websites, blogs etc..,  anonymously. 

It provides us the data such as:
  • How many visitors came to your website?
  • How many page visits?
  • How long the visitors stay on the site?
  • From which location they came to the website?
  • How did they land on your website (i.e., search engines, social media, referral url etc..,)?
  • What’s the keyword brought them to your website?
  • How they navigate your website?
These are just few combinations of the data, we can get from the analytics. 

Who can use Analytics?

Executives can learn:
  • Accurate website traffic patterns/trends
  • Most effective marketing initiatives
  • Most valuable customer and customer segments
Marketing Professionals can learn:
  • Which creative or online ad is the most effective?
  • How can the website convert more visitors into customers?
  • From where visitors come and what they do on the website?
  • Which keyword helps to convert more leads?
Web Developers can learn:
  • Where people leave the website and what could be the fix?
  • What search terms or keywords people use to find the site?
  • Which pages retains the visitors the longest?
  • To try A/B test on conversion
How much does it costs?

Google Analytics is FREE of charge for websites with less than 10 million hits per month. 
An online marketing company/agency can help you to install the analytics code on your website and to find the relevant data to work upon.

It is advisable to review your web analytic data weekly or monthly to know your website's performance with your marketing team and/or with your online marketing company, which would help you to take a well informed decision to build your business online.

Without the analytics and analysis of the data, whatever you've invested to develop and host your site is just some cash spent NOT WELL! 

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