Nov 11, 2013

Offers on Domain Transfer-ins for the month of November-2013

Domain Transfer to Host IT, Chennai

Paying for a domain name alone doesn't make one the owner of it.
Because, to this date, many companies aren't providing Domain Control Panel and/or not allowing their customers to manage their domain records(DNS Records), and even some companies charge them for such updates.

So, if your service provider does so, then its time to move/transfer the domain to the one who lets you to avail the services as FREE of cost.

Our customer's are offered with FREE Control Panel along with DNS management along with lot many services

Also, every transfer-in to us come with one year FREE Auto-Renewal, from the date of expiry. (i.e., if a domain expires on 12-12-2013, while transferring the domain, it would be auto renewed up-to 12-12-2014)

Find the offers on Domain Transfer-Ins to us.

Transfer-In Third Level .IN Domains for just Rs.299/- instead of Rs.429/-
Transfer .IN Domain for Rs.399/- instead of Rs.529/-
.NET Domain can be Transferred-In for Rs.449/- instead of Rs.719/-
ORG Domain can be Transferred-In for Rs.549/- instead of Rs.759/-
The .COM Domain can be Transferred-In for just Rs.599/-, instead of Rs.719/-
.BIZ domain Transfer-In could cost Rs.599/-, instead of Rs.719/-
Transfer-In .WS for just Rs.1,229/- instead of Rs.1,329/-

To transfer your domains, check :

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