Nov 27, 2013

speak to Google - Okay Google!

How great would you feel if you’re in need to search something on the internet through Google, and the genie of the Internet Search, displays the result for the keyword you've just UTTERED/SPOKEN to it?!?

Don’t panic, its not a virus on your laptop/phone for sure.

Google has launched a new Chrome extension, which makes the users to find their interest through the voice interaction to the site.

Previously, you need to click on a button, to make the site listen to you.

Whereas now, you’ll be able to speak to the system, by just saying “Okay Google” and speak what you want to search, if you've installed this extension, to your Chrome browser.

You’d be able to find, if the search is enabled for voice, by checking the microphone icon on your search tab.  It should not be filled as you’re seeing in the below example.

So, the days are not far, when you can just speak to your computer as your loved ones!

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