Dec 3, 2013

No.1 Position in Google's Adword doesn't bring highest CTR always!

Are you bothered about No.1 position for your ads on Google Adwords, then here's something to ease you.

The study by a leading search marketing agency reveals that, the No.1 position in the Adwords brings an average CTR of 7% whereas the second and third places get a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 3% and 2% and the 9th position's CTR is just 0.55%.

Search CTR

The Search Network, brings a totally different result.  The Google’s Search partners ( i.e.., AOL, etc) brings a CTR of 1.16% for the 5th position whereas the position 1 brings just 0.83% alone.

Search Partners CTR

In case of Google Content/Display network, text ads in the No3 position brought in highest CTR at 0.29%, whereas the No.1 position saw a CTR of 0.17%

Display CTR

The data clearly shows that, it’s the marketing plan make sense than just the positions alone!

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