Dec 11, 2013

+Post - The social ad by Google+ to appear on Google Display Network!

Though the search engine giant Google ventured into the social media space by launching Google+, much brands were actively using Facebook than the later.  As the Google+'s impact is not only within the social network, the pages of the social media site were not that much active compared to its rival Facebook.

But, its time to change the way, for the brands "how they're going to use Google+" much sooner.

Google+ launched the paid ad +Post to promote its content on the social networking site through the Google Display Network (GDN).

The Facebook ads would get published within the social media site, whereas the +Post would get published across the Google Display Network, which is a great way to improve the interactions.

"Its a giant leap by which the entire web become a Social Network" our team at Host IT, Chennai says.

When a brand posts on its Google+ page, it would be made as a display network ad and published across the Google Display Network, which consists of millions of websites/blogs.  The viewer can comment, hangout, follow the brand or give a +1 from the ad itself.

Its been reported that the brands would be charged only when the viewer hover over the ad for two seconds, which would make the ad expand on the screen.

"Rather than keeping the posts within the social media, it makes more sense to get it published across the web!" said Google.

The year 2014, would be bringing in much more changes on the way the internet works! So cheer up for more! :-)

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