Jun 3, 2014

Spammers targeting Domain Name Owners!

Couple of days back, we got a call from one of our customer who's got number of domains registered with us.  He's told that there's a mail suggesting to renew/register their domain name, which they've registered couple of years back and owning it by renewing every year on time, as that's their main domain for their business.

So, we've asked them to forward the mail to find the fact, and they did so.  And the image given below was the content of the mail.

Though the Title of the mail says that "Expiration Notice", the content was pitching about the submission service to the search engine.  But before the content the domain name and the price details are provided and a link to the payment page was provided at the bottom of the mail with a prominent way, so that the customer would click and pay the amount.  

Find below the payment page:

Though everything seems to be perfect and legitimate, but its ultimately a spam.  There's No brand name anywhere, such as who's the service provider or so.

If the domain owners pay the amount, it goes off.  Because this company doesn't offer the domain registration service.  

These kinda spams are common nowadays, targeting the domain name owners.

So, when you find any such mails, do get in touch with your domain registration service provider.

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